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Milton Friedman

Here is a short clip from the past that addresses some current rantings from people like Barney Frank who are desperately trying to distract people from their role in the financial meltdown by talking about greed and even proposing government controls on all salaries .
Milton Friedman (July 31, 1912 – November 16, 2006) was one of the clearest thinking people in the country for many decades. I still mourn his passing.
But it's not about the people involved, Friedman or Frank or anyone else. It's about the concepts being discussed on this short clip.


Sara said...

Milton Friedman was inducted into the Futures Hall of Fame during FIA's Boca conference this year. I heartily applauded his inclusion! Unfortunately, it's not posted yet, but you can see past winners here:

Lista said...

Ok. I Listened to the Clip and it is very good, yet too short for me to really Know much detail about his Ideas, other then that he Supports the Idea of Capitalism. Libertarians Support the Idea of Capitalism, yet so do Standard Republicans.

Grant Davies said...

Right you are Lista. Capitalism is not a structure of libertarian-ism. And libertarians are people who embrace the freedom philosophy, not to be confused with Libertarians (capitalized) who are members of the political party of that name. Republicans (standard or not) are members of a political party as well, and many embrace capitalism, as you have suggested. But many also support corporatism (also known as crony capitalism) which is decidedly NOT capitalism at all.

But I'm not here to rip on or promote political parties. I'm here to advocate the freedom philosophy.

As to Dr. Friedman; his life, beliefs and teachings are an open book. I recommend that you learn as much as you can about him. No matter what you conclude after doing so, you will be a better informed person for the effort and you will certainly know more about freedom and why we should embrace it in it's divine imperfection.

I'm glad you watched the video. I hope you also have given some time to the link I have given you (and which currently appears on the sidebar of this site) concerning 100 questions and answers about libertarian-ism.

Lista said...

Oh Great! Now there is a difference between the libertarian Philosophy and the Libertarian Party. I'll Try and not allow that to add to the Confusion. The Philosophy, though, comes in Degrees and so does Freedom. We are not Totally Free. We are not Allowed to Kill, Steal or Rape. There are Certain Criminal Choices that we are not Allowed to Make, so Freedom is not 100% and that is just as it should be, because Total Freedom is none other then Anarchy.

Once we Understand that Freedom is not Really 100%, Next we have to Decide how much Freedom is too much and how much Regulation is too much and this is the Core Issue that is at the Center of the Conflict.

I do Plan to Read the 100 Questions Link. That is as Soon as I can Get Past the Tiredness that I Feel as the Result of a Certain Commenter on my Blog that Calls himself the Soapster. Unfortunately, he Tires me and Causes me to not Feel Quite as Eager to Study about Libertarianism.

Grant Davies said...

LOL! Sorry to introduce so much material so quickly. But it's an important distinction. Political parties are formed to elect people and philosophy is the way we approach life.

One can be a libertarian without belonging to the party of the same name just as a person can be a christian without belonging to a denomination.

As to your returning to the "100%" point; I have never met a real libertarian who thought that freedom ever included the choice to commit crimes. And freedom is not anarchy, although it has been painted that way by authoritarians for a very long time.

Here is a popular, general description of how much freedom a person is entitled to by virtue of being a human being: People have the right to do whatever they do, so long as it does not violate the rights of others to do the same.

Anyone ever tell you that they think people are, or ought to be, free to kill, steal or rape? If so, that person is not a libertarian, but actually a sociopath. Let's see if we can agree to ignore sociopaths for the purpose of this discussion and exploration of first principles.

Here is a foundational question for you to think about; What is the proper role of government in a free society?

Please don't answer it yet, even to yourself. It should be a question that works toward an answer, not a starting place or a line in the sand from which to dig in one's heels.

As to your nemesis on your blog,,don't get tired. Growing in any knowledge is a process, not an event. And never feed the trolls. :-)

Lista said...

"Sorry to introduce so much material."

It's Ok. In Reality, it is the Soapster who is Frustrating me, not you. Something about the Way he Talks. It's sort of Black and White and there is no Room for Exceptions or Compromise of any Kind. He Hates it when I Talk about Degrees of this and that. To him, it is all one way or the Other. If you can show me that not all Libertarians Think Only on the Far Extremities, you are doing much better in relation to me then he is.

For now, you have my Benefit of a Doubt Working in your Favor. If you Continue to Appear more Balanced then some of the Others, you will Keep my Trust and Respect.

Philosophy is also the way in which we Approach Politics. 100% Freedom is Anarchy and that is why we are not 100% Free. You have Chosen to Define the Word Freedom in a Way that Excludes the Exceptions, but the Exceptions are Real. In this case, the Exceptions to Freedom have to do with Crime.

I'm not Claiming that there are People who believe that Certain Crimes are Ok, yet sometimes Making a Point about that which is Controversial Starts with that which is not, for there are Crimes that we all Agree on, but there are other "Crimes" that some would Forbid and Others would not. When it becomes Controversial, they are Called Regulations, rather then Crimes.

I'm Talking about Principles now, not Individuals, such as the Sociopath.

"Never Feed Trolls."

Sometimes I'm a little Shady on the Exact Definition of a Troll. How do we ascertain who is worthy of ones time and who is not?

Grant Davies said...

Only you can decide what is worth your time and what is not.

I have no expectations of changing anyone's mind. I simply want to provide the information and people will make up their own mind.

I hope you come to understand what freedom is and what it isn't and that your journey to understanding is fulfilling.

Good luck on your quest.

Grant Davies said...

Oddly enough, I will be attending a book signing luncheon tomorrow. The title of the book is "The Morality of Capitalism". The author is Tom Palmer.

You can get the book at the Cato website if you are interested.

The book seems quite topical to your questions. Just a thought.

Lista said...

The Reason why I Wish I had a Better Understanding of what Precisely a Troll is is because most People do not like Censorship, or even Moderation, and so it is hard to Decide not to Publish something just because I do not Like a Person or because they Make me Feel Tired.

I have Tried to Write a Set of Rules that would Justify me not Publishing something if someone Consistently does the Things that I Find Tiring and Annoying, some days when I am more Tired then Usual, I Feel as if no Set of Rules is going to be enough in Order for me to Avoid Feeling Frustrated.

I Use Comment Moderation, at Least in Part, in Order to Slow the Conversation Down, so that I have the Time to Think and sometimes those Time Delays are Necessary for my Piece of Mind.

I feel like Adding the Adjective "Balanced" to the Word "Freedom" in your Sentence because I Believe that that is what you Mean...

"I hope you come to understand what" Balanced "freedom is and what it isn't."

Thanks for your Kind Words, Grant, and I even Appreciate the Addition of Phrases in your Recommendations such as "if you are Interested" and "Just a Thought". You have such a Sincere, non-pushy Spirit about you that I Appreciate. Thank You.

I don't Know if you've been Following the Conversation that I've been having on my Blog with the Soapster. I'm not sure what to say about it here except that there may be things in that Dialogue that will help you to Understand me better. That is if you are Interested.

Grant Davies said...

My definition of a 'Troll" is as follows.

"Trolling"is a fishing term. It is a method to catch fish. You put the bait out on the end of your line and trail it behind the boat as you travel along to see if any fish take the bait.

The same is true of the internet comment sections. Some people are looking for debate. Or controversy. Or they are just lonely or bored. Some get a thrill out of tormenting people or just wasting their time.

I have no idea about your poster. I have not had the time to read the exchanges very often. If I was you, I wouldn't feel compelled to answer anyone at all much less on a time table. It's your site, it's your call.

I have a lot of information on my site about the topic we are exchanging on, so feel free (no pun intended) to browse, you may find things you are looking for. I have a page called "videos of lasting interest" which you may find enlightening.

Also, I have just posted something which is non-political, and you may find that to have some value apart from philosophical discussions.

Just go to the main page and I hope you enjoy some of my other interests, in this case history and music. It's concerning the great old hymn, Amazing Grace.

Be well.

Lista said...

I Guess the Best Response to a Troll is to Ignore them, yet I've Never been Good at That. This is especially True when they are Attacking me, for if I don't Defend myself, at least some of those who are Listening, may Think that what is being said about me is True.

It is also Hard for me to Allow the Last Word on my Own Blog to be something that I do not Agree with, cause Quite Often, "The Inference of Silence is Assent.", just as you have said below the Title of your Blog.

Trolls are a Pain in the Butt, Plain and Simple, and there is really no easy Solution to the Problem.

What you have said in your Comment, though, is actually Quite Helpful. It's the Best Description of a Troll that I have even Heard and has Helped me to Realize that I Know Quite a Few of them.

The Practice of "Trolling", can be done for Positive Reasons as well, such as Putting some form of Benign Bate Out for the Sake of Finding a Friend. If the Goal is Friendship or some form of Meaningful Dialogue, rather then Vicious Debate, well, that's really not a Troll. I've met some, though, that are Quite Manipulative. They Know how to Act Like Normal Human Beings at First and then Only Become Trolls after they have Earned your Trust.

But then, we are getting off subject, aren't we. Thanks again for all your Help. You be well, as well. :)