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A Pro-Choice President?

Recently I was reading an article that described the President as “pro choice”. Now, of course I understood the reference was to his support for abortion on demand, but it strikes me as more than odd that an entire political ideology, not just this President, describes itself by that terminology even though its adherents are probably among the least pro-choice group in this country.
By my observations, on almost any other topic, they are opposed to individual choice.

Let’s contemplate just a few major philosophic issues of the day;

Government directed health care, which will prohibit individual care providers and consumers from exercising their right to make their own arrangements between themselves is one of the highest priorities of these “pro-choice” advocates. No choice on that one.

Government mandated retirement system, aka “Social Security”. Sorry, no way to opt out. No choice on that one.

Agreement between two parties concerning compensation for services rendered. Sorry, government will decide what is too much or too little, not the people involved. No choice on that one.

I bet you can think of hundreds of other things upon which these same folks advocate either no choice or restricted choice. The next time someone tells you they are Pro-choice, you might ask them, on what issue?

That’s my opinion on the Pro-Choice description. Maybe we should just call things what they are, in this case, Pro-abortion on demand.

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