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This is helping?

It seems we are unhappy that banks needed "bailout" money from the government. Those people were supposed to be smart! Turns out they were stupid, and they ruined the country!
Umm, maybe.
But upon further reflection, perhaps we were a little too quick to trust the media and didn't see the obvious path that things were going down.
No "help" ever comes from anyone without conditions. And if you don't actually want help but have it thrust upon you, you better be sure your skepticism hat is secure on your head.
This issue concerns the banks in our country and who controls them, but the concept can be applied to any business, and we should all be frightened about which industry is next. It seems that more and more banks want to return their TARP funds, but the government won't take the money back. HUH?
Read the Wall Street Journal article and consider the opinion there. It will be time well spent in my opinion. What's your opinion?

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