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Left Behind

I think we have finally found an "elected" person who is even further left than the Obama, Pelosi, Reid combine. I know it's hard to imagine, but almost everything that has happened in the last year or so has been unimaginable to me.

Meet the new Senator from Minnesota.

Yes, the new Senator who gives the above mentioned cabal a filibuster proof upper house of congress. The guy who will be the swing vote on whether or not you get a law that gives your health-care decisions over to the same folks who run the post office and the SEC. And just in time for the Fourth of July! How patriotic!

People of Minnesota, what were you thinking?

If you thought he was funny before, just wait 'til you get a load of some of his new gags now that he will be doing his stand-up routine in the Rotunda!


Sara said...

But gosh darnit, people like him. Yipes.

Grant Davies said...

Some people in Minnesota. And he would be a big hit with the "useful idiots" club founded by the late Lenin.

Grant Davies said...

I outdid myself on this post. I was a "great mind" when I addressed the concept of a filibuster proof Senate.
I was a "middling" mind when I addressed the event of the courts in Minnesota handing this guy the election.
And I was a small mind when I posted the imbecilic picture of this goof!
Kudos to the Drudge Report for posting it first.

Brian Jennings said...

NEVER forget that the people of Minnedopa elected none other than the esteemed Reverend Jesse Jackson in the '88 Democratic primary.
I haven't been there since.

Grant Davies said...

Not to mention the other Jesse, Ventura that is.
As goofy as he is, he looks like a genius by comparison.