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Healthcare in the Reich

A few days ago I subscribed to a blog I tripped over while walking all over the web. The name of the Blog is The Humble Libertarian and the piece which inspired me to create this post was about a guy who used to be the Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich.
Yes, the same Robert Reich who advocated a 100% death tax back in the days when he worked for the criminal enterprise now referred to as the Clinton administration. This man, who thinks that all property rightfully belongs to the state and should revert back to it after we are done borrowing it,  is now an adviser to Barak Obama. Why doesn't that surprise me?

The reason he is back in the news, at least the internet version of the news, is that a YOU-TUBE video is now making the rounds which has him telling the truth about the government plan to take over your healthcare decisions. I'm guessing you won't see this video on any of the major networks unless they are forced to address it if it gets passed around enough.

The video was embedded on the above website along with some rational commentary by W. E. Messamore, the site owner, a person who I am unacquainted with, but who has an interesting blog. He posts "Spread this far and wide!" So W. E. , I'm doing my part.

Hearing comrade Reich's presentation to the Berkeley students is chilling for more than just what it reveals about true intentions on government health-scare schemes. It presents a peek into what a "fourth Reich" might look like if Americans go back to sleep. One which could end up being the "big sleep" if they do. Particularly if they are the "old people", who, he suggests, we should "just let die" because they are too expensive.
(Floridians take note)
With Halloween peeking around the corner, I wonder if a Robert Reich mask might not be the scariest one at the party.


Sara said...

The audience clapping is scary too!

Grant Davies said...

Yes, but for a Berkeley student group, I thought it was remarkably subdued.
I don't think they are applauding too loudly at "The Villages" senior citizens complex in Florida.
Of course, they will never see it on ABC or MSNBC.

Brian Jennings said...

Too bad we cannot flash forward 50 years to witness these students, when they are destitute because it takes 20 bucks to buy a cup of coffee and they are begging to be "moved up on the list" for medical treatment. A little poetic justice would be almost comforting at this point.

Grant Davies said...

It's because there is no such thing as a flash forward that problems like this can happen.