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The Bill Board Bumper Crop

The last thing I thought about doing when I became Editor-in-chief (and sole contributor) of this lilliputian blog was hawking bumper stickers. But water often takes unexpected routes as it runs down the hill. It's a large part of the fun in doing new things, you never know where the water will lead until it gets still.

Blathering about freedom ideas is nothing new for me of course, but writing about those issues on my own blog instead of merely posting comments to others' blogs was something I never had time to try before my client, Lehman Brothers, got washed away in the financial tsunami of 2008.

Along the way this blog has crossed paths with several others. Among those is one named The Humble libertarian. (The small "L" in the title is not accidental) The editor at that site is young man who is a talented writer and an even more talented advocate for liberty- W E Messamore. Those of you who read my short essays may be familiar with him since I have written about his blog in the past. Watering the Libertree was one of those essays.

Recently he wrote a piece about a news item concerning a bill board some businessmen erected in Minnesota with a picture of GWB on it and asking the question; "Miss Me Yet?"  He thought it raised a lot of good questions and presented an opportunity to explain why no one who embraced liberty and rational government policy should actually miss Bush. Some folks argue that the current administration is a clone of his in many respects anyway.

The creative side of his nature took over and he "photo shopped" several versions of the billboard picture to make his point. All of them were good in my opinion, but one of them, featured in the right column of this page has taken off in the blog-o-sphere like a rocket after being featured on the blog of Michelle Malkin, a famous conservative author and frequent talk show guest.

Only a few days later, you can get that picture as a bumper sticker and I am going to get several, at least. The message on that sticker is timeless in my view and I predict it will  "have legs" long after the Bush billboard chatter has faded into the mist of forgotten slogans. It's not the kind of sticker that gets your car "keyed" by the lunatic fringe of the progressive "Michael Moore for President" crowd so you can probably put it on your bumper without fear of that.

You can get yours here. Alternately, I will procure a batch of them and re-sell them to you. Don't you just love capitalism? Maybe Wes will give me a wholesale price so I can begin saving up for a new laptop so the words I type don't show up ten seconds after the keys are pushed anymore. Just email me if you want to go that route.

Now I have some other "news" for you. My essay, Choosing Both Sides - A Super Bowl Story, which some of you have read, has been featured in an article on The Humble libertarian. The name of the piece is Socialized Medicine is Not Pro-Choice. It is gratifying to have others respect your work enough to refer to it. I'd like to think his piece and the excellent picture he made for it were inspired in some small way by what I wrote. The picture is below. My humble thanks to the humble editor of that blog. Thanks, Wes.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, This blog never ceases to amaze. All the new buttons and pics. Kudos to the author and contributors.When I discover my writing style a new four letter dictionary will be needed, because I plan to be much more direct in my critisism of other idealisms that infringe on my idealisims. Effem, or efem for the new dictionary. Just call me YLB. Later

Grant Davies said...

Thanks YLB. I'm glad you enjoy the commentary and content of the linked material. It makes it worth the effort to hear these kind of comments.

Skooks said...

Congrats on the feature! Off the check it out now. :)

Grant Davies said...

There must be some obvious meaning to those numbers, but it went past me all the same.