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No Teleprompter? Use a Stump Speech!

Who said the filibuster technique is useless now that we have a "nuclear option" and a "Slaughter rule"?

The art of filibuster is alive. But instead of the Senate using it, the President has taken over. If you have the stomach for it, you may want to watch this interview and see if you can count the times that a question is asked, but never answered.

The Presidents supporters will probably say; "Oh, it's just politics, they all do it."  Which, although true, is not OK.  So much for the most open and non-partisan administration ever.

(Extra credit if you can actually watch the whole thing.)


Bryan said...

I made it all the way through, but I don't deserve the bonus points- I had basketball on my other screen in anticipation of the many times I'd have to shudder away. Let's just say the best defense I saw in the past 15 minutes wasn't one of overreaching legislation!

Which leads to my defense of our great leader's dodgy answers. He simply didn't have the time to spell everything out for us. After all, he had to run off to pick his bracket on national TV in order to prove what a cool everyman he is.

(A bracket which mine is roundly beating, by the way. Maybe I should draft a health care bill, too...)

Grant Davies said...

I'll give you the bonus points anyway. Next time you fly Southwest, just tell the flight attendant the soft drink is on me.