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Forget it, Jake. It's Chi-town

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Blogging about Blog-o is probably a pretty popular activity today in light of the not-so-amazing non-verdicts in the Illinois corruption trial of the disgraced buffoon and impeached  future convict/prison wife. In prison that hairstyle is sure to make him a popular date for some love-struck felon unless he can trade something to the warden to be assigned as cellmate for George Ryan. Ole George is too old to have switched sexual preferences just because he is incarcerated for similar offenses.

The whole stupid affair has ended (for the meantime) in only one conviction out of a possible twenty four, and that one was for the same goofy and probably unconstitutional "crime" of lying to the liars at the FBI. And if he doesn't go to prison for his lying, then what was the whole Martha Stewart thing all about? If he goes, it should be for the things he did which were actually wrong, not just statutorily wrong.

So just when you thought that the federal government might actually do one thing right in a thousand, they show how terribly incompetent they are by failing to convict the most guilty person since O J Simpson skated on the charge of cutting his ex-wife's head off and filleting her delivery boy in one masterful demonstration of night time knifesmanship. These are the folks who now are gearing up to make your health care decisions.

His non-acquittal semi-escape seems to have validated his judgement that there is at least one dimwit on most juries who can be convinced by dog and pony shows and inane posturing to hang a jury, instead of the guilty. And it took Blog-o just a few moments to start the jury tampering for the re-trial down in the lobby of the courthouse, this time appealing to the long suffering inner city parents who's children are being murdered faster than the gang thugs doing the firing.

It's hard to imagine anyone being shocked by this kind of outcome in Chicago, where the fix is always in and many if not most people think it's business as usual to sell anything you can to the influence buyers even if it's not yours to sell.

So you can fight the fight and get to the bottom of every corruption racket in town, just like Jake Gittes did in the movie Chinatown, but nothing ever changes in the end. And like the man said in the last line of that movie;

Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown.


Bryan said...

Apt reference, & one of my favorite films!

Grant Davies said...

Thanks, it's one of the all time greatest movies. The sequel in Chicago however, is just more of the same.

Skooks said...

P.S. Is Harry Reid the biggest idiot on the planet or what?

Grant Davies said...

I'm not sure because there are so many qualified contestants for the title. He is, however, in the final flight.