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A Halloween Hellthscare Story

What is scarier than Halloween? The correct answer is:  the information contained in the video below. I have been writing about the loss of freedoms and the usurpation of our rights found in the Obamacare legislation for so long that I thought I knew most of the horrible results which will beset us when this national disgrace finally kicks in. I was wrong.

As I have written in the past many times, the devil is in the details. And since none of the people who voted for the 2000+ page travesty read the details it's not surprising that more horror stories are emerging as the beast unfolds. What is surprising is what is revealed in the video below concerning the first massive and unread law, the so called "stimulus" law. That law contains major changes that affect how the health-care system will soon work. I had never heard of the things in the video before and I'm guessing you haven't either.

We have all heard about rationing in general, but having the actual devil details explained precisely sends chills down my spine.

It's like knowing war is very bad but not really understanding it until you see the severed body parts and  smell the cordite with your own senses. It tends to bring a certain reality to the intellectual understanding of armed conflict. And so it will be for you if/when you are sitting in a waiting room for hours on end with a sick child or parent so a doctor with eighty patients a day can consult by computer with some desk sitter in Washington about which treatment he/she will be allowed to give.

Many Democrats and liberals will dismiss that last prediction, but they are urged to watch it most of all. It's hard for any of us to admit it that we have made a mistake, but as we also know, nothing can get fixed until a problem is acknowledged to ourselves.

My wife (chief proofreader/consultant for this blog) came across the video and sent it to me knowing full well it would be published here. It will scare the hell out of everyone right before Halloween, and more importantly right before the most important election day in our lives. Timing is everything in coming across these parts of the puzzle.

So watch the video, decide for yourself if it is true and then go do what you must on election day. What happens on that day may make the literal difference in life or death for you or a loved one. Your kids and grand kids are depending on you.

Dr. David Janda, a physician, is the speaker on the video as he urges people to vote for Dr. Rob Steele over the long time king of arrogance John Dingell of Michigan.

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