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Illinois - Forty Eighth on It's Way To Fiftieth

The Illinois legislature in the wee hours Wednesday passed – without a single Republican vote – a tax package that increases income taxes by 67 percent and corporate taxes by 46 percent. The following statements by budget and tax experts at the Chicago-based Heartland Institute may be used for attribution.
John Nothdurft, director of government relations, The Heartland Institute:

“Today Democratic lawmakers in Illinois forfeited the tax code’s lone competitive advantage by raising the income tax to 5 percent – a hike of 67 percent. It is no surprise that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels have been so vocal in their pleasure about today’s actions.

“These actions by the legislature will substantially hinder Illinois’ ability to bounce back from the great recession on what many economists see as the eve of economic recovery. This is utterly reckless policy that will cost the state taxpayers as well as jobs – and further proof the state should consider eliminating lame-duck sessions.”
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Steve Stanek, research fellow for budget and tax policy at The Heartland Institute and managing editor of Budget & Tax News:

“It’s hard to know what to say after watching this spectacle in Springfield. Not a single Republican voted for these outrageous tax increases, showing the absolute contempt of Democrats toward not just their Republican colleagues but the millions of citizens they represent.
“Reckless spending got Illinois into this mess, yet there was virtually no talk of cutting spending. Illinois already ranks 48th in net population growth, 48th in job growth, and 48th in economic performance, according to the American Legislative Exchange Council. Look for Illinois to soon rank last in the nation in every one of those categories.”
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Filed by Grant Davies


Sara said...

"showing the absolute contempt of Democrats toward not just their Republican colleagues but the millions of citizens they represent."

Ditto that. The whole thing is disgusting.

Conservatives on Fire said...

Darn! You beat me to it. But then you have the advantage of living there. LOL. But I think I'll write about it any way in tommorrows post. I feel so sorry for the people of Illinois. You all deserve better.

Grant Davies said...

Im sorry to disagree with you. The people of Illinois, like everywhere else, get precisely the government they deserve. If you are stupid, short sighted and greedy, that is the type of government you will get.