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It's All Very Taxing

The time to comment about taxes is when they happen (all the time), not on the last day you can file before the government starts to charge usurious interest rates on yet to be be paid obligations. If you wait until April 15th to write about them, whatever was written will probably get lost in the blizzard of other articles that occur at that time every year.

The stuff I write is already forgettable enough without getting trounced by the competition, so I'm going for it now.

The other (and more important) reason is that I just came across a wonderful video by a college student which explains one of the most overlooked and outrageous truths of our whole insane tax system. The video also demonstrates that sometimes students can teach us too.

The student's name is Hiwa Alaghebandian and her short presentation was featured on a blog I only discovered a few days ago. The blog belongs to Dan Mitchell, who some of you regular readers might recognize from the many times his own videos have appeared on the sidebar of this site. The name of the blog is International Liberty - Restraining Government in America and Around the World.

After finding Dan's site I enjoyed it so well that I have added it to the short list of blogs I follow at the bottom right hand side of this site. New posts are updated automatically for those sites so if you take a peek down there whenever you visit here you can easily navigate to them. It's worth the click.

Dan is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and although I have not met him personally I have seen him speak on several occasions and we have exchanged a few brief emails in regards to my featuring his work on this site and on the Humble Libertarian blog where it is my responsibility to post articles from Cato in exchange for an opportunity to post some of  my own commentaries to a larger audience.

The video is below and although it's not my intention to irritate you more than these crazy times already do, I'm sure you will be irritated after you watch it. I apologize in advance.

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