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You Don't Have To Be A Psychic To Predict The Future

The formality of the election (before the coronation) of Rahm Emanuel as boss of Chicago is scheduled for one week from today when the same people who voted for Daley, Blago, Quinn and Madigan will march to the polls and reaffirm their allegiance to "The Chicago Way."  Seeing the future in that regard, well.. it just ain't that hard.

Most of the voters in this town answer the same way when asked what candidate or policies they support by asking a question of their own, "what's in it for me?", so like everything else in a place where the fix is always in, the outcome is not in doubt.

 But that isn't my point. And predicting that a guy who sends dead fish to his political enemies will continue to act out his revenge fantasies like a Michael Corleone wannabe doesn't take a crystal ball either. But a report in the local paper today gave a peek into what being an enemy of the Rahmfather will be like as soon as the coronation is over.

I can imagine a scene similar to the wedding scene in The Godfather. But instead of Brando sitting in his office receiving people to take care of  "family business" while others celebrate at the party, Rahm will be plotting the settling of old scores from his hotel suite while the useful idiots dance the night away and drink Cook County provided food and booze in the ballroom below.

The paper report told of what Emanuel said during a debate Monday about what will happen to Alderman Ed Burke when he assumes power.

 According to the article; "Mayoral contender Rahm Emanuel suggested powerful Ald. Ed Burke will have to give up his police detail and might also lose his chairmanship of the City Council Finance Committee to move Chicago forward in the coming years. Emanuel's comments about Burke, who is supporting Gery Chico for mayor, came during a sometimes feisty debate Monday."

You won't find me throwing a pity party for Burke, a supercilious megalomaniac who knows for certain how everyone should live their lives and proposes absurd laws constantly to prove it. But he was surely singled out as a message to others who might displease the Rahmfather in the future.

You don't have to be a psychic to be sure that the smell of governance in Chicago will be the same as the dead fish he used to send once he is crowned boss of bosses in a few weeks. It's nothing if not predictable.

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