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What Happened While I Was Away

I have been in Florida for ten days playing golf and enjoying uninterrupted sunshine.
No one missed my commentaries very much.
The Tea Party is still brewing tea. The Flee Party is still in hiding.
Apparently some guy named Charlie Sheen is still a moron.
There is still no one buying Chevy Volts from the government, just 281 people bought one in February even though gasoline prices skyrocketed during that month.
Qaddafi is still murdering his citizens.
Huge numbers of American citizens still can't find a job so apparently Obamanomics and stimulus still don't work.
The stock market went down and then up and then down again.
I'm kinda bored since I got home last night.
Nothing ever happens around here.
I think I'll go away again.


Carol Davies said...

Take me with you!

Wolfgang Sheehy said...

Is that like a Carter ennui kinda thing???