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Dancing With the Stars, the Chicago Way

President Barak Obama doing the twist during his first campaign stop of the 2012 re-election bid. He was in Chicago competing in the dance contest while trying to woo the voters who didn't vote for him in 2008 but loved Chubby Checker. Meanwhile the newly elected Mayor Rahm Emmanuel waits his turn to compete in an effort to dethrone the current Chicago soft shoe champion, outgoing Mayor Richard Daley.

While admitting that Obama has a cultural advantage in the dance competition, Emmanuel accepts the President's invitation to be his partner the couples portion to see if they can out step the current champ; Mayor Daley and his partner Alderman Tunney.  (pictured below waiting in the wings for their turn)

"We're gonna twisty twisty twisty 'Til we turn the house down!"
Chubby Checker commenting on the President's budget battle with the House of Representatives.


Sara said...

Ugh. Vote them all off. My favorite Dancing With the Stars champ was Apollo Anton Ohno. I suspect he would be as qualified as anyone else to run the city of Chicago (or the country for that matter) too...he couldn't be worse!

Grant Davies said...

I think the President looks quite good dancing the twist. Most of his voters support him for just this kind of image. He's soooo awesome! Just like Rahm! And even Blaggo!

"C'mon baby, let's do the twist!"
Chubby Checker--circa 1962

Sara said...

Ha ha, so awesome, it's true! Dude even plays hoops!!! GO BULLS! Playoffs baby!

Anonymous said...

chubby Checkers was a one trick pony and so is Obama. The man's brain is twisted.

Grant Davies said...

At least Chubby did one thing right. Let's not insult him by associating him with Obama. :-)

(Unfortunately, the original picture on the front page of the Trib. had the very bottom cropped off in the internet version. It showed his feet while holding hands with Emanual, it really looked like they were dancing, it was hilarious)