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Obama is a Citizen, But of Which Planet?

The Truth is Out There
In my latest Jack Hunter-style op ed regarding the whole embarrassing (m) "birther" controversy, I provide a short, sweet, and to-the-point analysis of the real reason Barack Obama isn't qualified to be President of the United States.

By Wes Messamore - Guest Columnist
Editor of TheHumbleLibertarian


Wolfgang Sheehy said...

Planet It Is All About Me. Planet Karl Marx. Planet Never Opened a US History Book. Planet Narcissist. Planet Compulsive Liar. Planet Get Whitey. Planet Full of 66 Million Morons Who Elected Him.

This country would be much better off if you had to show your cashed check to the IRS to vote.

John said...

The misguided fell in love with an alien...

Anonymous said...

If there has ever been an Un-American American, it is Obama.

Anonymous said...

You guys need to get over it Obama is president and all the research your doing is pointless. He going to be president his full term.

Grant Davies said...

Which guys are you talking about? No one on this site has ever done any research on this subject whatsoever. And no one from this site ever implied that Obama would not serve out his entire term.

I for one am sad that the American people are foolish enough to ever put idiots like Obama into office in the first place.

Your comment seems odd to say the least.