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I'm Too Busy to be Alarmed

I'm sure the guy in the video below must be exaggerating. I mean, it couldn't be true could it?  Obama and GWB and all those guys on MSNBC and CNN (etal) must be right that this is not a big issue.

Why else would they ignore it and quibble over bigger issues like gay marriage and the like? Why else would we be wringing our hands over whether the government is correct about our our dietary selections?

"Chicken Little" theories about whether the planet is getting warmer and whose fault that might be must be more important, right?

I dunno, I'm just a Teablogger passing around alarmist videos that readers send me. You figure it out. Or go ask ten of your friends what they think is the most important issue in the country right now. Or ask ten people on the street the same question.

I have to go find out why LeBron James and company lost the NBA championship if he is the best player who ever lived. After that I'm going to see if I can get one of those swell jobs with the NY Times sifting through Sarah Palin's emails looking for things that might embarrass her. Or maybe I'll see if I can find out if a NY congressman can keep his job (spending more borrowed dollars) after he wagged his wiener on twitter.

You figure it out, I have more important things to do.

Hat tip to Homer for another great video find.

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