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He is Likable, but Is Cain Able?

I don't think that we should pick a President because of his "Likability" factor. We already tried that with the executive failure that we have serving in that capacity right now.

I never liked him (Obama) personally very much because I thought he was a phony, and I still do. (Very similar to Billy Bob Lewinsky who is still the biggest phony out there.)  But plenty of people did like Obama personally even if they think they made a big mistake by voting for him. And many still do. I keep reading comments, even from his detractors, that he is a nice guy and so on. Fair enough, different strokes for different folks and all that stuff.

Having said that, on a purely social level, there is one Presidential candidate that I find very likable. Herman Cain is a long-shot to be the nominee of the Republican Party to say the least. But in my personal poll (where I only poll myself) even if he isn't my first or even second choice, he wins the likability vote one to nothing.

The guy comes off as entertaining, refreshingly candid, upbeat and as someone who has enough wisdom to take his task, but not himself, too seriously. He smiles a lot, which makes me smile. It's a much needed commodity in these tense times.

Cain is a straight talker for sure. Just yesterday he called Obama out for his "Bullshit" ideas and said in no uncertain terms that he is a liar when he says "It's not a matter of class warfare but math." He also dressed down a Hollywood actor for jumping on the "Tea Party people are racists" bandwagon by saying, "C'mon man, this is real life." And he did all of that with a smile on his face. Good stuff from my perspective.

He also has some good ideas even if they aren't my first choice of all the ideas out there. And he seems to have caught on with a great many people who could influence the outcome of the upcoming election when he won the Florida Straw Poll by a wide margin over the media's darling boys.

So I thought I'd put a few videos up for those of you smart enough to focus your weekend energy on football and golf instead of politics. The last part of the first video is worth waiting for. A great Saturday Night Live skit brings some good laughs and the great question: "Can the Pizza Man deliver?"

Editor's note: Later this week we will examine Cain's major policy proposal (his "9-9-9 plan") to see if it will make good policy or not.


Anonymous said...

I too like Cain. I think if America was alone in it's troubles, Cain good be an excellent President. Unfortunately America is not alone in its troubles. The European Union will soon come undone. The world will fall into a deep recession if not a full blown depression. The banks will be looking for (TARP)squared. I see only one candidate that knows we can not fall for that trap again. I don't agree with Ron Paul on some things; but he is the only candidate that knows that the Fed must be stopped from bailing out the banks again.

Grant Davies said...

I'm with you concerning Ron Paul.

As to Cain, he's not my first choice but he's not the worst choice.

Left Coast Rebel said...

Great post, mind if I run this series today and tomorrow? I think you really summarize what Cain's candidacy stands for well.