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It's Almost Too Late Already - Special Interests Gone Wild

The biggest special interest group in America is right on the edge of the "No Turning Back" point.

Like the city of Chicago, where almost everyone has a relative or friend who might be negatively impacted by any meaningful reform of government, the country is about to be caught in the same downward spiral.

Most people claim to want reform but are understandably unwilling to put their livelihood or that of their friends or family on the line to get it. It's the reason there is one party rule in Chicago. And now the whole country is in danger of heading down that path-of-no-return.

There is always a lot of talk about the evils of partisanship and "gridlock" in government, but in my view, there is broad agreement among those inside the Democratic/Republican combine about one thing: big government is good for both sides of this same political coin.

It only looks like gridlock. It's actually just a squabble about which group of clowns has the power to operate  the circus. And in this circus, you and I will be left to shovel up after the donkeys and elephants when the tent finally folds up.

Thanks to Dan Mitchell for this excellent video. Be sure to read his post today at International Liberty where the title is Bureaucrats Gone Wild.

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Lista said...

This is a Good Video too and so is the Jeffery Miron One on the Right.

I almost Wish that you had more People Commenting, Grant. I guess People are giving you Feed back through Email, but I wish they were saying it Publicly because I would like to Hear it too.

From what I can Tell, you Stand for what Republicans Used to Stand for. Is this Libertarianism? Well, you Know what? I guess that depends on your Definition and from Listening to the Soapster's Response to what you have Said on my Blog, I'm Guessing that that Definition will Depend on who you Talk to, so you will Probably do Better if you do not Allow People to Label you and I Believe you have told me something to that effect already, so I want to Commend you for that Decision.