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Look Ma, No Teleprompter!

It's odd that one of the few places that someone can view an entire half hour of a logical presentation of what a candidate thinks and why is a you-tube provider from, of all places, Russia.

I was lucky enough to find this video on my Facebook feed by way of the Cato Institute. They posted it via a source named "Russia Today." It is a video of Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul's presentation recently at the 29th annual Cato Monetary Conference where he gave a speech for the National Association of Home Builders.

You won't find any soaring rhetoric or a polished stump speech when you watch it. And you may notice as he speaks that he doesn't have a teleprompter or read from a prepared text. Once in a while he glances down at what must be the list of topics that he wants to cover in his talk.

I understand that the video is thirty minutes long and that now-a-days many of us do not have the time or attention span to watch it all at once, (I plead guilty myself) but so far, there is no law prohibiting you from bookmarking this page and returning as time allows. I promise that it will be worth it to know where a candidate stands even if you decide you don't agree with everything (or even anything) he says.

With the most important election in the history of the nation* less than a year away and the final selection of candidates even closer, why let the spin-masters at the big networks and/or the slanted and incompetent newspapers feed you the latest "horse race" statistics about the candidates in lieu of actual information about what they will do if they become President?

Knowing who made the latest gaffe or has the most baggage won't matter a whit if we end up choosing between two goofs again because we couldn't stand the other guy and our final choice was our "lesser of two evils" selection once more.

* Not because of who will be elected, but because it may be the last chance to change the philosophy of ever expanding government power before the final tipping point is reached. (If Romney or one of his ilk are elected it will be the same thing as picking Obama again, we will just reach the bottom at a slower pace.)


John said...

The real "smart" person in the room!

Lista said...

I Wonder if it will Surprise you if I Told you that I did end up Listening to this Video and I even Want to Thank you for it.

It was Interesting to see him in a much more Relaxed Setting. He was more Relaxed because he had a Full Half Hour. As it Turns Out, the Presidential Debate Setting is not one that he is Good At. He always came across Nervous and Flustered in that Setting and it even appears that they may have Asked him Questions that Stimulated Answers from him relating to his Ideas that are less Popular with the Masses.

It just so Happens that what he has to say about the Fed. makes sense and this is where he Shines. The Video was Actually rather Good.

I Thank You for this Video because even though to most, or "many of us do not have the time or attention span to watch it all at once." I have the Unique Problem of being a Slow Reader and thus Visiting any Candidate's Web Page is going to Involve, for me, a much longer Time Period than 1/2 Hour, so your Video has Actually Saved me Time, so Thank You.

As the Election gets Closer, I am going to be Looking at the Candidates Web Pages. I'm sort of a Procrastinator by Nature and the California Primary is not Until June.

Meanwhile, this was a Good Video. Thank You.

Grant Davies said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the information. Things are usually not the way the media wants us to think they are.

Grant Davies said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the information. Things are usually not the way the media wants us to think they are.