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Love, Marriage and Village Idiots - Thomas Sowell Part Three

Part three of our five part series of interviews with Dr. Thomas Sowell deals in part with love, of all things. I can't remember another economist covering that topic in all the reading I have done over the years by people in that profession.

Are married people better off than unmarried domestic partners? What about STDs and sex education in schools? Let's look at the evidence with Dr. Sowell.


Lista said...

You Know, This Guy is Very Interesting. Being the Devil's Advocate that I am, I could make Additional Comments Relating to this Video, but you Know What? I'm just going to say that this Guy sort of Impresses me and at least for now, Leave it at that.

Grant Davies said...

I'm glad you found some value in getting to know more about Dr. Sowell. It's a five part series so I hope you will enjoy all of them so you can get a better feel for who he is and what he thinks.

He has written many books and his life is open to discover.

Personally, I consider him to be a national treasure.

Grant Davies said...

Thanks for the kind comment and thanks for reading the blog. I hope you will continue to enjoy the various subject matter I write about here.