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A Tough and Smart Kid - Thomas Sowell, Part Five

Today we take a look at the fifth and final video in our series with Thomas Sowell.

I hope you have enjoyed the series. If so please leave a comment or enter an answer in the little poll on the right so I can decide whether to run similar series in the future on other interesting and important people who are not normally covered by the main stream media. There are many who are not widely known outside of "freedom" circles.

In this final part of the interview he answers questions on a range of issues including Obama's failed presidency, who might replace him, and whether it matters. We get a good sense of who Sowell is and what shaped his life. He finishes with his advice for young people today. They would do well to heed that advice, but then again, so would we all.


Lista said...

Well, that was another Good Video and Once again I Found Thomas Sowell to be Balanced in his Thinking. I was Disappointed that he was not Asked about more then just Three of the Candidates.

As to your Questionnaire, I was Reluctant to Vote at First because there was no way to Vote for both your commentary and also the Videos. Also, I am a Slow Blogger. I Blog Slow and I Read Slow and I was Relieved when I Realized that you are NOT a Daily Blogger. If you were, I would not be able to Read it all.

I bet you that's a bit of a Switch from all these High Speed News Junky Types.

Lista said...

BTW, Where do these Polls, in which Ron Paul is doing so well, came from? I've never heard of a Poll in which he had all that many Votes.

And what is it that People find so Offensive about Romnie? He has said that he doesn't believe that Health Care is something that should be Implemented Nationally and he is Hard on the Illegals, so what is the Issue?

Grant Davies said...

The picture in the right column is a link to the article about the poll.

As to Ron Paul's positions, the best place to find out about them is from his web site, then there will be no misunderstandings.

Lista said...

I don't Know if I should Tell you this or not, but Ron Paul did not Impress me in any of the Debates that I Watched. He's just too Radical. Even if you were able to Persuade me to go just a little more Libertarian, it's not going to happen Prior to the Election. I'm not a Libertarian, Grant.

Besides the Fact that his View are not in line with mine, he also has very little Chance of Winning the Election in the Primary, never mind the General Election. Even if he Happened to Win Iowa. So? That's just One State.

Sorry. I Like Several of the People who you have Presented on your Blog, but Ron Paul is not One of them.

Grant Davies said...

No reason not to tell me your respectful opinion on candidates.

As you might guess I don't find him too radical, but that's what elections are for. I'm a constitutionalist, so is Paul, therefore he is the candidate in this field I support.

It also doesn't bother me a bit that people do not have the same values as I do concerning liberty.

I'm just hopeful that you are getting familiarized with the principles of the ideology so that you know what you are actually disagreeing with.

Thanks for reading the blog.

Lista said...

It Bothers me a little when it is Implied that those who are not Libertarian, or for that Matter Constitutionalist, do not believe in Liberty.

There is a Check in my Spirit as I say that, for I have sensed that you are much more Polite then some of the others I have met who are Libertarians and I really do not want to Argue with you, yet even as a Christian, I know that quite often we have to deal with all the Offense that other more Immature Christians have caused, so I Trust that you will be Strong enough to Handle it without taking it too personally.

I Know that I'm going to have to do some Reading before really talking to you in depth about anything because you are not One to Participate in Fruitless Debate and that's a good thing. I guess I just wanted to Caution you that too Limited of a Definition of Freedom and Liberty, or for that Matter, even Capitalism, can be Offensive to those who believe in all Three, but not in the same exact way that you do.

Perhaps you don't even Need this Particular Warning, yet perhaps, too, there are others reading that do. Perhaps, I'm just venting. Would it be too out of Line to Ask if you could just be Patient with me. I Try not to be too Abrasive, but I am Definitely Out Spoken.

Lista said...

What I was Actually Hoping that you might do is tell me why I should not Vote for Romney. In the Last Primary, we did Vote for him, yet this Year, he just doesn't seem to be very well liked by those on the more Conservative Side of the Party. I Consider myself a Moderate, yet the Center does Keep Moving to the Left and I'm not Moving with it. Just because I Believe in Compromise, does not mean that I'm just going to Change with the Tides, no matter where they go.

Ok. Now I guess I'll Try and not come back to your Blog until I have at Least Started reading the Link that you left on mine.