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Cheeky History - The New Blog Feature


In 1809 on this day a man evolved from a monkey and entered into this world.  His parents named him Charlie. In adulthood, Mr. and Mrs. Darwin's bouncing boy went on to have a theory about how animals got to be the way they are and it changed the world. Along the way his theory pissed off a lot of religious people and a controversy started that continues to this day. He got so famous they named an award after him.

I'm of the minority opinion (again) because I could never understand what all the fuss was about. It always seemed to me that if a guy was powerful enough to create all the heavens and everything in them, he probably could fashion the method of creating new species in any manner that caught his fancy.

Oh yeah, and Abraham Lincoln was born on this day too. And so was a dancer named Anna Pavlova, whose dog couldn't stop drooling whenever she busted a move. Oops! The dog actually belonged to some guy with a similar name. My bad.

The above is yesterday's entry to the new blog feature. It's just an introduction to my newest brainstorm. One I hope will be fun and lighthearted and mostly non-political. Imagine, a whole new audience made up of those who are weary of politics! Even Democrats and liberals might enjoy it.

I'm having fun toying with the ideas and even thinking of making a new blog out of it. So please let me know what you think by taking the poll on the right or drop me an email. I hope you enjoy it.


BIG AL said...

Very refreshing and entertaining. The political BS is getting me down.
Can't help it. It's the season. I cheer for the Bears to the end too, win or lose.

Grant Davies said...

Thanks Al. Go Ron Paul and Go Bears!

Jim at Conservatives on Fire said...

I definitely like your change of pace. I've known more than a few monkey's uncles in my life time.

Grant Davies said...

Thanks Jim. If I make a new blog out of this, it is my goal to become a "Cheeky Monkey" (the old Saturday Night Live gag.)