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Turning My Back On My Readers

My best side
Many of our regular readers may have wondered why there has been an irregular posting schedule lately. I'm not really turning my back on you. I'm just not around.

I've been posting from different places and the Internet connection has been as unpredictable as my personal schedule.

While we have been in Florida, our house-sitters - two guys with hair trigger temperaments and an ugly ass dog with no sense of humor -  are reporting that the weather up north is warmer than it is down here. We seem to have escaped from a winter that never happened.

I'm hoping you have missed the articles. I'll do my best to catch up as I can. Things should be back to a more normal pace in about a week.

As always, thanks for reading What We Think and Why.

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Left Coast Rebel said...

No worries, your voice has been missed; enjoy your trip!