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A Compendium of the Cockamamie

No essays on specific problems today, just a short compilation of what's new on the statist compost heap. These items all appear on just one day's news on a popular internet site and they just happen to be the ones that caught my eye.

  • Christine Lagarde, the head IMF idiot, recently scolded the Greeks for not paying their taxes. Fair enough it seems, until you learn that she herself, and many other parasites like her at the IMF and the UN, pay no taxes. That's right, her overblown salary is all tax exempt. I'm sure the idiot missed the irony.
  • NYC Mayor Bloomberg is pushing a new law to ban large sugary soft-drinks in that nanny-state hell hole. With apologies to the many fine people who live in our biggest city, I feel your pain. I live near Chicago, which is more of a criminal enterprise than a city. The imbecilic Mayor Boobberg is going to take care of those of you who might become obese without his iron fisted tough love. 
  • In a recent speech honoring a Polish war hero, President Obama referred to a "Polish death camp", as opposed to a Nazi death camp in German-occupied Poland. Oh c-mon, it's just a slip of the tongue!  Everyone does it occasionally and it's perfectly excusable... as long as you are a Democrat. But the slip of the tongue was on the teleprompter, so it was a team slip. Oops.
  • The new French government is putting a cap on "excessive corporate pay." Anything François Hollande - the goof who was just elected to lead the dumbest country in the Euro funny farm - makes over one Euro is excessive in my opinion. The few intelligent people left in that country are making their escape plans, but where to flee?

I try to make my comments about ideas rather than people, but sometimes the bad ideas and the bad people get mixed up in the same rancid stew. I apologize for the name calling. (Well, maybe not, I'm only semi-polite most of time anyway.)


conservativesonfire said...

This is a Grant Davies' classic! I loved it!
The IMF, the World Bank, and the UN are all a waste of money and are counterproductive.

Grant Davies said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. (At least as much as one can actually enjoy a story about idiots.)