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A Graphic Look at The War on Drugs

Yesterday a magician/comedian/radio host/Cato Fellow named Penn Gillette was featured in an article linked to by The Drudge Report. He went off on the insane "War on Drugs" during a tirade on his radio show and specifically singled out Obama for his vitriol because of his past use of pot and cocaine. He pointed out that if Obama had been caught and prosecuted he would never have become President, much less anything else of importance. That makes him a hypocrite. (He's hardly the only one, so it's really beside the point.)

Gillette, who has never used drugs (including alcohol), was correct. You can read the transcript or watch a video of his remarks here. (Harsh language alert)

So when I saw this chart on the Facebook page of a friend of mine I knew it was going to end up here. You can draw your own conclusions about the chart and what it means. But always keep a few things in mind:
  1.  Drug use is not lower now than when this craziness started.
  2.  Anyone can get any substance they want with very little effort. 

Hat tip to Mike Dixon

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