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So What's the Problem?

By Grant Davies

It's obvious from the media coverage of the Presidential election this year that the most important things to be considered by the voters are: whether President Obama thinks business owners created their own success, and whether Mitt Romney worked for a company that owned some companies who outsourced some work. (Presumably the media thinks that's a bad thing.)

As much as I hate to sound like some kind of conspiracy nut, I think that it's a continuing strategy to distract voters from the actual issues. Worse yet, I think it's working, again.

I know it will shock some of you, but most of the media is left-leaning. (Okay, since they have readily admitted it in the past I know it's not a shock, but I can't resist being a smart ass.) And since they lean left, I'm quite uncertain why they care which one of these guys gets the nod.  After all, they get what they want no matter which of these big government advocates is in office. But distracting the voters from Obama's unbelievably poor performance seems to be job one. Here we go again.  

So I feel obliged to bring up a few points that some of you may want to mention at the next backyard cookout you attend this summer when "beered" up neighbors or relatives start talking about which guy is the bigger liar, or "outsourcer," or non-citizen, or Mormon, or friend of a distasteful clergyman. Or maybe they want to chat about who likes/dislikes gay people more, or whether "rich" people should pay more taxes because they don't pay their fair share. Or whether Tea Partiers are racists. Or whether it's getting too hot or cold because people are alive.

In that case here are some of the points I think you might mention: 
  • The country is still in a recession/depression.
  • The country (FED) is still printing money like crazy.
  • Prices are rising precipitously as the value of the money falls. And you ain't seen nothin' yet.
  • The government is spending money it doesn't have like there is no tomorrow. (They might be right on that point.)
  • Social Security is on the verge of collapse.
  • Medicare is on the verge of collapse.
  • Cities are declaring bankruptcy.
  • States are on the verge of the same.
  • Greece may be bailed out by somebody, but there is no one who can bail out America.
  • The President has seized the power to assassinate anyone, even US citizens, who he thinks might be a terrorist. No arrest, no arraignment, no witnesses, no trial. Congress has gone along with it and he has already done it.
  • Here at home, the right of Habeus Corpus has been abolished by executive order. Also with the approval of congress.
  • The Supreme Court just decided that the Constitution presents no barrier to government intrusion on our lives as long as the law in question is determined to be a tax.
  • One half of the adults in the country pay no federal tax.
  • Almost one half of the citizens are receiving some form of government funds. They will never vote for anyone who says those payments are to be cut back, much less eliminated.
  • New regulations are being made by the thousands, mostly by unelected people. There is no end in sight.
  • Wars are still being fought, also with no end in sight. And no one can figure out what would constitute victory or defeat.
So, if you think everything is just dandy and the above list has either been concocted by me out of thin air, or the list is correct, but the items on it are not a problem, then by all means chat about why Republicans or Democrats are the bad/dumb guys and have another beer. Argue about what the media wants you to focus on.

But just in case I'm right about any of the list being an actual issue, you might want to get a helmet. You know.. just in case.


Wolfgang Sheehy said...

oh wait, the average American cannot read or think or give a rat's ass.

Don E. Chute said...

Wolfgang Sheehy is right on and your right on!

I will have my helmet, cup[to prodect what's really important] and My boots will be strapped on as well.

It's time to quit bringing knives to a gun fight[not literal of course:-)]

PLU from SSF

Anonymous said...

What's most sad is that neither choice is a good one - they both work for the same nefarious team -we are given just a perception of choice.

Neither will get my vote.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord man! Nothing could be worse than NOT VOTING(!) for Communist! But I digress; there is something already ####ed up about a society and culture that wants to abdicate personal responsibility in favor of a Nanny Government!