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A Heavyweight Country Shouldn't Have a Lightweight Leader

A hard working member of our crack research team has unearthed this excellent video while combing the internet in search of the educational material our readers have come to expect. It's important to find out what news media in other countries (this time Denmark) are covering while our own news media is covering up.

So we have a presentation for you which makes the point that some jobs go unfilled even while the country languishes in the depths of (real) unemployment in the 15% range. The job of course is: speech-writer for an amateurish White House who can't even be bothered to scribble a few different words to say about different countries when they come here for state visits.

These countries may be "punching above their weight classes" in world affairs but it probably feels like a punch in the gut when they realize how truly unimportant they are to the US after going to the trouble of visiting one of their "closest allies."

A heavyweight country shouldn't have a lightweight leader. There is a fifty/fifty chance that the American electorate will punch his "return home" ticket in November while they search for a replacement in a higher weight class.

Hat tip to Capt. McCann

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