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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Here is a doctor, Dr. Barbara Bellar, (who is running for state senate in Illinois) summing up the Obamacare nightmare in one sentence.

Putting aside the fact that she is on the stump for herself and a guy (Romney) who probably will want to "tweak" the legislation instead of eliminate it in its entirety, it's a pretty good summary of the low-lights of the Obamanation legislation, which is actually a tax even though it's not, and really isn't a mandate even though it is, and is constitutional even though it isn't, it's actually way worse than she is able to fit into even an impossibly long sentence, such as this one.

(Note to self:  Keep your sentences shorter, even if written in jest.)

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Anonymous said...

Grant, you have a reaal talent for uncovering best videos out there. This says it all!