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Info about Various Charities

As you might imagine, I spend quite a bit more time reading blogs than writing on my own. One of them is called Republic-MainStreet. Quite often I find interesting information and opinions there.

The following information qualifies as useful as well as interesting. Assuming it is correct (I haven't done the fact checking myself), it could be an eye opener as you consider whether you have enough money left over after Bushanomics/Obamanomics to give to any of the listed charities.

It's really just a reminder to do your due diligence each time you give so you will know if you are being a good steward with the funds available to you. So my advice is: if any of these are your favorites, check 'em out before you write the check to see if this info is correct.

Editors note..Shortly after publishing this post a friend sent me this URL. It's another tool to use when checking things out.    Charity Navigator.

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Sara said...

I'm glad someone pointed out Charity Navigator - its a good resource. Also try the BBB and Guidestar.