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The Current Tax Picture Explained - Warning, Very Graphic

I have spent a lot of time over the last few years promoting Dan Mitchell's blog, International Liberty. If anyone who visited there was disappointed, I apologize. I'm guessing that won't be necessary for most who are regular readers of this site.

It's a terrific source of information and informed opinion from a guy who is as amusing as he is enlightening. Of course the opinions are expressed from a libertarian perspective, but what else would you expect from  this blog? It is, after all, about freedom issues.

So here is a picture I swiped from his blog. Warning: the image is graphic and may be disturbing to some people. (Particularly tax accountants, several of whom I count among my friends.)

The post Dan wrote is excellent as usual and I recommend you read it here. The basic theme is about the IRS taxpayer "advocates" and what they are actually advocating. But I couldn't resist posting the picture because I believe that bigger government and more regulations equal less freedom, which is the basic theme of this blog.

Editors note-- In the short time this post has been published this site has been visited by the Justice Dept. and the IRS. Rather odd, I think.

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