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1984 Was Child's Play

By Grant Davies

Coming to your neighborhood in the not too distant future? Your Glock won't protect you from these kinds of threats. And the technology you see here is already obsolete. When you contemplate this, think twenty years down the road, or less. And think much smaller, quieter, and lethal as well.

The drones you see on TV right now will be thought of one day as laughable. Maybe this is why Obama and his new CIA nominee John Brennan won't rule out using drones against US citizens on US soil. Maybe it's why police departments all over the country are scrambling to get drones.

You might want to take note of new laws which I think will be proposed soon to outlaw the private ownership of these devices. Am I a conspiracy theorist?

Maybe I'm just not willing to rule this out as a possibility.

The video above is not a typical YouTube vid, so I hope it plays on your device. If not you can try reloading the page or you can follow the link to watch it on the original page at the Mail Online, a UK newspaper.


Brian J. said...

Thanks Grant for ratcheting up my paranoia by a factor of 10.

BB-Idaho said...

For police work, there is little difference between a drone and a helicopter, IMO.

Anonymous said...

The article you linked is really scary. Every day I am more glad that I lived when I did and won't be around to see the worst of what is coming our way.