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If Health Insurance was Coffee

By Grant Davies

When our crack staff finds cool videos that our readers will want to see, we usually put them on the side bar and leave them for a few weeks so all can enjoy. Some however, are so good that we feature them right here in middle of the wisdom section.

Credit Carl Holzhowser with finding this one. He has been doing a great job lately and we are considering giving him a 50% raise over what he was previously earning on this swell gig.

So grab a cup of coffee and sit back and learn about health insurance in this new world of hopeless change.


Dean L said...

Great video but am I going out on a limb by surmising that Carl's previous earnings were $0?

Grant Davies said...

No, you are still on the main trunk.
Still, if we don't keep giving him raises he might discover his situation and go on strike for a minimum wage.

If he comes up with some more good ones we are thinking about giving him some non-existent health insurance, just like the govt does.

Mary Simpson said...

“..some people needed coffee whether they can pay for it or not, and it had to be provided for them” - Comparing insurance to coffee is one of the best comparisons that I've heard. We all need coffee at some point in our life, and whether we can pay for it or not, it must be provided for us. Our insurance, like coffee, is needed for our future needs. When you don't have a personal insurance, you shall pay the government for your social security which can be used when you're already disabled or retired. Getting the benefits from the government isn't bad, but it's best to buy some plans for yourself. – Mary