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The Men Behind the Curtain

By Grant Davies

Matt Drudge must have thought it was important to highlight the "filibuster without a bill" (as the LA Times reporter Lalita Clozel dubbed it) on his mega influential website this morning. Otherwise he wouldn't have made it the main headline. "Dems Declare War on the Weather" was his headline.

It's hard to tell why he thought the dog and pony show was newsworthy but one might speculate that he sought to show how crazy the Dems are on the whole "global warming/man made climate change" charade. Or maybe it was just a slow news day.

But I look at it a tad differently than most. I see it as just another diversionary tactic in the Dems war to keep the Obamacare debacle off the front pages. These senators couldn't possibly care less about the climate. Except the political climate, that is.

It's hard to count the number of scandals being ignored by the mainstream media nowadays. The IRS political targeting scandal comes to mind as does the NSA spying scandal and the Detroit bankruptcy. So it's not surprising that Dems want to change the subject to the weather or the minimum wage or anything else they can conjure up.

While Harry Reid and his little band of imbeciles are behind the Wizard of Oz's curtain furiously manipulating the "dimwit knobs", I'll volunteer to play the role of Toto and try to pull back the curtain so we can direct the attention back to the stuff they want us to forget.

The Obamacare health insurance takeover train wreck, the looming debt crisis, the erosion of the currency, and the continued assault on the Constitution are the topics that are most important.

Even Dorothy figured it out eventually. I'm not at all certain that the American people will though, but hope springs eternal.


Jim Miller said...

Welcome back Grant

Grant Davies said...

Thanks. Time to start writing again.