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Flashlight App

Some of you may have heard about this but didn't take is seriously. My flip phone doesn't have apps so the snoops will have to use other methods to spy on me.

After watching the interview you may want to direct your friends to this post.

Hat tip to Mike Tobin for the heads up.


I'm Stuck

Like Rand Paul, I'm stuck.

The video above is a clip from CNNs article on what Rand Paul is doing on college campuses as he prepares to run for the Presidency in 2016. The whole video and the attending article are worth watching and can be found here.

There are things I personally believe about many social issues. Meanwhile, I don't want government involved with them even if they enact laws or regulations that agree with my beliefs. For example, it's why I oppose the use of certain mind altering drugs while I also oppose the "War on Drugs." And I certainly don't want those things decided on the Federal level.

So is he (Rand Paul) trying it have it both ways? Maybe. Is it for political reasons? Maybe/probably.

Is it okay to work within the "realm of the possible" to get elected so you can move your ideas forward? Debatable for sure.

Can Paul support the election of politicians who are not totally in line with his "smaller government" ideology without abandoning his principles if he thinks it can help him build a coalition? That's always been a hard one for me because I have very little gray area (or gray matter, some might say) on some of these matters. But the answer for me is yes.

So I'm stuck. And Rand Paul is stuck. And maybe you are stuck too. But maybe we'll get used to it. After all, proponents of the freedom philosophy have been stuck with Obama since 2008. Not to mention Bush before him. Or any of the others during our time who presided over the steady erosion of our rights.

Maybe everyone on every side of every issue feels stuck. Fair enough for us. Fair enough for Rand Paul? From my perspective, yes.

You may feel differently. If so, feel free to leave a comment below. This is a blog after all.