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Obama Gets Today's Whopper Award

By Grant Davies

I know it's not a revelation that politicians lie. Among others, Obama has told a ton of whoppers. But I just started this feature recently so let's just deal with the one that happened today. 

It was featured on my Face-Book feed under the title, "The biggest gun control lie Obama is selling" on the website RARE.

I'll let the article speak for itself instead of pretending I did a lot of background investigation myself. You can decide for yourself if it merits "The Whopper of the Day Award." 

But since I'm the editor of this huge blog, I declare it to be so. I will post only the beginning of the article in order to comply with the "fair use" provisions of the copy-write law.   You can read the rest of the short article at the link.

"Let’s break this down in all the many places this is totally wrong.

First and foremost, Obama’s suggestion that felons (violent or otherwise) can purchase a firearm is untrue. It is illegal for a felon to buy or own a gun. Full stop. Even more, there are legal consequences for anyone who sells or gives guns to a felon or any prohibited person.

You’d think the president and his cadre of policy makers would be aware of this most basic gun law, but somehow they’ve completely ignored it. We’re not off to a good start.

Next, buying a gun on the Internet is not like shopping at Amazon or Ebay. When you purchase a firearm from a dealer, it is not shipped to your door with a ribbon on top. Rather, you must ship it to a federally licensed dealer and go through the normal background check.

The gun, magazines, and any other accessories must be legal in your state. There is no loophole. It is a lie to say otherwise."