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Election Thoughts - Ten Seconds Worth

By Grant Davies

A few thoughts, bullet point style.

  • The Democrat Party has been co-opted by the lunatic left. 
  • The GOP has been co-opted by a lunatic. 
  • The one good thing that seems to be happening is the demise of these two parties.
  • Maybe we can start again if they crumble into well deserved dust. 
  • Change can be a messy process. 
  • Maybe even gruesome.
  • Comments are welcome.


Bernie Must Be Furious

By Grant Davies

When commenting on a Face Book thread describing how Hillary gets more delegates after having her fat ass handed to her in New Hampshire by Bernie the Socialist, a person pointed out the irony.

He said, "Bernie must be furious that a small group of people could take something he rightfully earned and redistribute it to somebody else that they feel deserves it more, even though that person didn't rightfully earn it."

Perfect! Just effen perfect!