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Covington High and News Media Low

Photo credit Chicago Tribune
By Grant Davies
It's time to put this "fake news" story to rest. It's had it's 15 minutes of over exposure. But in my mind, the real story behind this story is about the rate of the crumbling trust of the American media. And it is not going to slow down even when this particular story fades.

The era we live in, with the forty eight hour life span of even important stories, cannot hide the real story of the quickening demise of trust in the "news" media. (I remember when "news" wasn't between quotation marks)

Unfortunately, good journalism becomes the baby that goes down the drain with the bath water. And I'm not sure how to stop that from happening.

I'll let Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass have the last word on this subject. His remarks here are worthy of consideration and should be used as an example of why we should be careful that the baby is not swirling the same drain with those who only pretend to be journalists.

I hate to say it John, but you might be in that unlucky company of soldiers fighting the delaying battle in a losing war as the news media retreats into irrelevance. You're fighting the good fight. I wish you god speed.

John's column can be read here, and you should read it.

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