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The New American Tea Party

I was at the Chicago Tea Party so I know what actually went on and approximately how many people attended. I know what types of people were there, how they acted, and what they were concerned about.
It will be interesting and probably amusing to watch how the coverage, or lack thereof, develops the next few days. I will be commenting on the accuracy of the coverage as it happens, assuming there is any.
In the mean time, I would like to propose another Tea Party for this country, but it will probably not be the kind most would imagine. Anyone who would like to take a stab at guessing what it is should feel free to add their comment to this post.
As the Drudge Report often says..........developing.

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1 comment:

Sara said...

I wanted to go, but I was working my 2nd job :(
I will anxiously await to hear your feedback on the event!