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Reflections on a Tea Party

Even in the blurry photograph of clueless political operatives there are some who are astonishingly visible standouts.

That’s the observation I have made in the last few days as the "intelligentsia" of the media weighed in on the most recent government protests, which have been named “Tea Parties". I attended the one in Chicago last Wednesday but I won’t bore you with all the details because everyone who wanted to know anything about them has since found out how they have been portrayed, both by the detractors and the cheering sections. If you were one of those who suspected that you would have to sort it out for yourself because the folks who masquerade as jounalists misled their customers again, you weren't disappointed.

In the mean time, as I predicted (even while the event was still under way) the events were portrayed by the poverty and race pimps as Rich White vs. Poor Black.
I'm not bragging about the correct prediction, it was a no brainer.
You can read one such screed by a third rate actress, known primarily for her far left diatribes here.

Another quite notable reaction, even for a Chicago Politician, was Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) when she referred to her fellow citizens as “despicable”. She has since pretended that she didn’t mean the people who went, just the people who organized it or agreed with the sentiments of those who did.
She lied about that in my opinion. I’m not shocked.

We have arrived at a very sad place when the politicians are so arrogant they have no fear of possible electoral fallout for describing people as despicable when they simply disagree with her ideological policies. Despicable is a loaded word, usually reserved for people like Hitler or John Gacy.
Their message is clear. You are not only wrong, but evil. It was bad enough when the governed were held in contempt by the governors. Now the governed are despised.
All this from the party that promissed a new beginning of civil cooperation and hope.

One can only pine for the day she gets “Unelected” because of this, but it’s probably more of fantasy daydream than a realistic possibility in Illinois. If you live in her district and vote for her next time at bat, you deserve the contempt she heaps upon those she doesn't find despicable.


Marissa said...

"She has since pretended that she didn’t mean the people who went, just the people who organized it or agreed with the sentiments of those who did."

So basically . . . the people who went aren't despicable, but people who agree with the people that went but didn't go, are? Umm . . . yeah. That makes sense.

Brian said...

Too bad you don't have an e-mail list for all of the voters in Schakowsky's district! I'll bet more than 2/3rds of them haven't heard a word of this. Nice Rant Grant!
Installing Victor Hanson in your "Informative Opinions of Intelligent People" links wouldn't hurt the cause.

Silverback Trader said...

Unfortunately, it is not an accident that she is the Representative in that district. The very people she holds in contempt (while pretending to respect them) think that she is referrring to their neighbors rather than them. They have earned her representation, and deserve it.
Thanks for the suggestion of Hanson, I'll add him. There are so many more that deserve a spot on that list, but space constraints limit the number.