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Another glass of Whine

In recent months my wife and I have looked forward to rainy days (sort of) as an excuse to have lunch together with a nice glass of wine at a local winery/restaurant. It's the pleasant kind of wine, not the kind being served lately by the health care Sommeliers.

Even as the lefts' plan for incremental socialization of health insurance teeters on the edge of temporary (and hopefully permanent) failure, the volume of the whining from the curiously astounded politicians has increased apace.
In the latest version of Hillary's infamous "right wing conspiracy", the senior citizens and middle aged working folks have somehow secretly formed an un-American Brownshirt cabal to "disrupt" the town hall meetings by asking questions loudly of their elected officials and even (gasp) asserting that those elitists actually work for us!

Maybe they belong to the AstroTurf Conspiracy. A group founded by the likes of me on the Internet in league with right wing blabbermouths like Rush Limbaugh and Fox news. Presumably little bloggers such as myself are the ones the left has encouraged its useful idiots to report to the government for opposing the effort to utopize heath care. (I did notice a suspicious white van cruising past my house lately, but it turned out to be a garbage picker looking for a saleable item for the flea market)

It seems the apologists for government interference were caught unawares as the sleepy populace finally arose from its bed of apathy. It wasn't last night's dream that awoke them, but the prospect of a future nightmare that will make the one on Elm Street seem like a pleasant comedy.

With any luck, this latest takeover attempt was the tipping point which will keep everyone awake and alert at least until after the next election, when nap time will probably resume. Or perhaps it will arouse them to realign their lenses long enough to see through the blur of rapid fire lunacy that has passed for thoughtful contemplation on myriad other "problems" such as global warming, the failure of capitalism, American image erosion by elite Europeans and meanie treatment of murderous jihaddists at Gitmo. (The latter have superior living conditions inside the compound than the poor Castro led populace outside of it, but that for a different essay)

I have a suggestion for head busybody Nancy Pelosi. Clarity is important for a good wine, and in the interest of it, rename your California hobby vineyard, The Whinery.


Anonymous said...

Grant - you touched on so many points here that I am pretty certain that I will not "elevate" the discussion without the use of much profanity. Since this is a family blog, I will let VDH speak on my behalf. Please refer to National Review Online's Victor Davis Hanson aticle, dated 8/13/09, entitled "Our Road to Oceania"

Grant Davies said...

The essay you refer to, or one on the same topic, appeared on the OP ED page of the Investors Business Daily this morning under a slightly different title, "Oceania Visable On Horizon 25 Years Later". I finished reading it moments before I opened my Laptop. Hanson hits the target again!