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Look Who's Coming to Dinner

In an earlier essay (Reflections on a Tea Party) I made comment on what one of the elected elite, in that case Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), said when she referred to her fellow citizens as “despicable”.

Since then the insults directed at any dissenters of the "Hope and Change" agenda have been coming faster than the trade-ins at the government motors dealerships.

The people have been called Brownshirts, Astro Turf, mobsters, conspirators and a host of other names by the people who were elected to represent them. The blow back that ensued caused many of them to retrench a bit. But not all of them.

Always an amusing fellow to those who follow the follies in Washington, Rep. Barney Frank has a new comedy routine which he has been trying out on the Town Hall Beating folks in his district.

I was somewhat distracted by the angry brownshirts who served as the straight men for Barney so I'm a tad befuddled about his actual plans. It seemed like he was looking forward to talking to a dining room table on a different planet or something, but I'll have to review the tape to report on all of it accurately.

In any case, it appears that the reception he received by his constituents was louder than Tiger's pre-shot routine.

I am always amazed at the re-election rate of these attack-dog politicians but I guess the electorate in his district enjoys the masochism thing at least as much as Barney's former roommate's clients. (his live-in lover was running a male prostitution ring from their abode, an activity which somehow eluded him but didn't seem to be a problem for the voters)

So enjoy the video of the town hall carnival and just be glad you don't live in his district where you are as dumb as a dining room table instead of being merely despicable in Rep. Schakowsky's district.


Brian Jennings said...

Well deserved and scathing rebuke. I like the rant Grant !!! This guy is the scum of the earth. If I lived in his disrict I would campaign vigorously against him on every occasion. Poster Boy for what is wrong with the USA.

Grant Davies said...

What about all my cheeky lines?