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The American Suicide Bombers

The hardest enemies to fight have always been the suicidal. Those maniacs who are resigned to death in the quest to attain their goals, in the past and now, have something in common with each other, delusional visions of post mortem glory.

The Kamikaze pilots during what may ultimately prove to be a futile war against those who would change our way of life thought they would gain glory with the Emperor and their deceased relatives shortly after their fiery demise. They may have been the most effective weapons employed against us in that struggle.

The delusional Islamo-Facists who were merely copycats of that effort flew our own airliners into American buildings in an attempt to destroy freedom here with the idea that they would be rewarded with sexual adventures with numerous underage girls in some bizarre fantasy "heaven" for their sacrifice.

And now in our own country we have a group of legislators who, like the Bushido Japanese back then, see that they are about to lose their political lives and are willing to go out in a blaze of glory under the also delusional fantasy that their legacy will be the undying future admiration of millions upon millions of grateful recipients of government largesse who are delighted to have turned over the decisions about their own health to government employees. The "leaders" now feel so close to the ultimate goal of control for which they have striven for a century or more, that not even the prospect of political unemployment matters any longer.

Unless they are even crazier than I think, they now know that the orgasmic "twenty-somethings" and the mentally unhealed hippies of the sixties who voted them in while the "thrill was still going up their legs" have returned to less exciting pass-times like mourning Michael Jackson. Most have lost interest in going to the polls in hopes of change. Maybe the thrill has lessened along with their prospects for useful work.
The neo-socialists in congress and the White House are probably about to be "un-elected" in the face of actual 17% unemployment, and 34.5% unemployment among young black males. It's too late to turn back, so they have decided to blow themselves up with the nationalized health insurance bomb instead of merely dropping it on Americans.

With support dropping to 38% for the two thousand page monstrosity that none of them have read, and outright opposition going up faster than the price of gold, no rational person could deduce that Americans want this shoved down their throats. Even those who admire socialism conceptually (due to their belief that everyone must be as stupid as them and thus the government needs to "do something") are getting uncomfortable with the idea that a game-changing shift in national direction should be forced on the citizens with anything close to an even split. This isn't some tax policy or traffic law where a simple majority is sufficient. This is a fundamental change in that quaint old notion of the "American way."  And this one is opposed by more than a majority.

If you are entertaining the notion that everyone will fall in line in support of this after it’s rammed through, try that theory out by forcing a huge new change on your social club or church congregation with the support of 51% of the membership and see what happens the next year. Here’s a hint, it won’t be harmony, and it might be revolt.

The only thing we can do now is what our brave sailors did to the kamikaze crazies at the end of WWII -- help them along in their quest for oblivion, even if it means we have to temporarily re-elect the nitwit Republicans for a term or two in 2010 until a new way to select our representatives emerges.

To do anything else would be to commit national suicide.

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Brian Jennings said...

1. To equate a saki doused kamimkaze pilot with a US Senator or US Congressman is a grave insult to all of Japan.
2. Three cheers for climate-gate.
Christmas has come early this year.
University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit hacker-dude you may now assume the throne of greatness whoever you are.