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A Visit to the Climate Change Garbage Dump

It may just be middle age paranoia, but I seem to be getting more forgetful all the time. I can never seem to find my car keys anymore and the location of the TV remote is as baffling as Jimmy Hoffa's current address.

I could blame ole Buddy for wolfing down the Nissan keys if my old friend hadn't already departed for doggie heaven to dig a hole in my future back yard. But unlike my glasses or keys, my important information, like the title to my home and such is secured in the only place still reliable at most banks, the safe deposit box. Some documents and information are clearly too important to leave to the Swiss cheese memory bank of my mind, a place even riskier than a Fannie Mae mortgage closing. And it certainly is too important to be "dumped" purposely.

So I'd be befuddled concerning the missing data upon which Professor Phil Jones (of pilfered global warming e-mail infamy) bases his assertion that alleged temperature rises are “unequivocally linked to greenhouse gas emissions generated by humans", if of course he didn't already admit that it doesn't exist. At least not anymore, because it was "dumped" in the 1980s.

It's a curious thing to do with the data upon which, as a scientist, you base your entire ideology of man made catastrophic climate change. One might usually imagine a certain chagrin on the part of a scientist who based his work on data which he later discovered had been discarded by others. A fairly inconvenient  circumstance for fact checkers I'd say, but rather fortunate for fact muddlers.

Can you imagine a doctor telling you he could absolutely cure you of a malady he was "unequivocally" certain you had, based on the test results, but that he had pitched those results after gleaning the relevant information from them? I'm guessing you might be somewhat hesitant to go for the unbelievably expensive treatment after discovering that little tidbit. Particularly if he only admitted it after a lawsuit and a thousand or so hacked e-mails surfaced which showed him conferring with other doctors about the best way to fudge the results and keep people from discovering it.
Try another analogy substituting a car repair shop for the doctor or the climatologist and see if a different reaction occurs to you. I'm guessing it won't.

Given the absolute disregard the current Cap'n Control crowd has for how they are perceived after uttering other preposterous claims, I'm actually kind of surprised that they didn't opt for a "dog ate my homework" explanation for the missing data. With so many people dining on the garbage they have been shoveling out for decades, they could reasonably expect most "non-deniers" to swallow that story along with the rest.

"Hmmm, now where on earth did I leave that warming research? I don't see that darn dog around here either. Ya think maybe? ......Nah."


Brian Jennings said...

Agreed. And I would like to add the following point. What is a climate scientist? Didn't see that in Peterson's Guide to US Colleges. Didn't see that as a course of study at the university I attended. Don't know anybody who studied this subject. What I do know is this. The best job in the world is baseball player. You work 1/2 a year. Make oodles of cash. Chicks dig you. And you are considered brilliant if you do your job properly 30% of the time. Hit .400 and they'll make a statue of you. The second best job in the world is meteorologist. This is something like a climatologist, minus the knowing deception. But meteorologists work a full 52 weeks and they aren't nearly as highly paid as ball players. They have no groupies. But they don't even have to bat .300 to hold a job. They can be wrong all the time. Yes... all the time.
So while those that realize Climate-gate for what it is and those that continue to delude themselves haggle it out, both sides in this ridiculous debate have accepted the word "climatology". Climatology has slipped into the lexicon as if it is just another science. You know like calculus and physics and chemistry. It isn't. What it is is an "interdisciplinary department that conjoins earth science, watered down statistics and basket weaving to form a brighter better propagandist for the betterment of the dim witted, I mean mankind" ....if this were a plot to a sci-fi movie the public would dismiss the notion as absurd. But this is reality and they are buying it????
And now according to Gibbs/Obama and Phil Jones and all the rest we are supposed to accept these non-scientists as scientists and non-science as real science without the data.
How about calling it Dumpster-gate?
After all what's 150 megs of incendiary e-mails?
I always suspected that I was too dense to know the true meaning of the word trick.
Sure I can accept all of this.
Just send me my bill.

Grant Davies said...

You can skip the bill, they already took it out of the taxes you paid and used it to fund "research" at universities. That is how these clowns make their money and why they will defend the "effort" to the end. If the "science" is debunked, so is their stipend. As you already know, always follow the money trail.
Great post Brian, thanks for contributing.