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Legislative Breathalyzer

Tests to make sure that people are not intoxicated while performing tasks that might be dangerous to others are common today. I would humbly suggest that one of the tasks to include in that scrutiny might be a test to address "Legislating under the Influence."

I mean, if our own illustrious Mayor Daley doesn't mind his underwear being  monitored, ("I get scrutined every day.") why should Sen. Max Baucus be offended merely by being required to puff into the monitor before taking to the floor of the Senate to change our health-care system? As someone once said, "Political intoxication leads to reality hangover."

Many of you have probably seen this unbelievable video of him "debating" in "the world's greatest deliberative body" as it burns its way around the internet but it would be presumptuous of me to assume that you shouldn't be given an opportunity to "scrutin" it, just in case you missed it so far.

So allow me to douse the fire with gasoline.


jerry said...

The State of Montana, his friends and family, and the Democratic party should be mortified by this mans behavior.

Grant Davies said...

They certainly should be. I fear however, that they are not. IMO, the behavior will not alarm them very much unless it leads to political backlash and he becomes enough of an embarassment to become an electoral liability. Then, under the bus. For the wrong reasons.

Leah said...

Gasp! Listening to constituents! I thought we outlawed that!

You know what I'd like to see? More pointing. "And I want that side of the aisle to know, my dad could beat up your dad. So, just be bipartisan and pass this already. 'Cause my dad will beat yours up."

Brian Jennings said...

That explains everything. They're all drunk !

Kathy said...


Grant Davies said...

Drunken Senators and Blog lovers! What's next?

(Thanks Kath, I guess I'll write at least one more)