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Wishing You the Blessings of Liberty in 2010

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have read the blog this year. Your kind comments and continued readership have made it fun to write and I hope you have enjoyed it even if you disagreed with some of my opinions or cheeky style.

One of the most rewarding comments I have received was "My sister disagrees with almost everything you write but she reads your blog all the time." Special thanks to that un-named sister, who couldn't be blamed if she finally threw in the towel.

I have striven to present information which may have been missed, along with my original content, in such a way that it would be entertaining as well as informative. I hope a few of you laughed from time to time and although some of the things I write about can cause angst and even anger, my intent is not to depress you. The times we live in and the events of the last few years need no assistance from me in that regard.

Believe it or not, there is a larger concept or idea behind most of the essays. The most important one is my belief that "freedom works." It's not perfect, but since utopia is not an option, it will have to do because it "works" infinitely better than any other arrangement of human society ever tried. (I might add that it would be a goal worth pursuing despite that.)

So thank you again for "playing along with the gag." Writing this blog has given me more happiness than I would have otherwise enjoyed. Not to mention giving us a vehicle for expressing ourselves without shouting across the room or talking over and past each other. While comments are made by you, in private and in the comment section following each short essay, I would encourage more of them next year as you feel led. I named the blog with that hope in mind.

Remember, YOU are the WE in whatwethinkandwhy.

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