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Duck and Cover

When I was a boy we were taught in school that it was probable that we were soon to be fried by a nuclear bomb.

The suggested strategy for saving one's self was to keep an ear out for the air raid sirens which were mounted atop each fire station in Chicago, and when the alert came, to quickly dive under your desk and curl up into the fetal position. Unless, of course, it was 10:00 on Tuesday morning, in which case it was just a test, so you could keep doing whatever you were doing at 9:59, supposedly with no fear.

The boys always wondered why the enemy was so stupid that they wouldn't just make sure they attacked at that time on a Tuesday. The girls probably thought that too, but we didn't talk to them except to razz them, so it was hard to tell what they were thinking.

It was a scary time to live in that's for sure. Kinda like now. Only now, the children are not the ones who are scared. (Most of them voted for hope and change and are clueless regarding what this stuff really means in the "real world future.") The adults however, are feverishly searching Craig's List to see if they can procure an old school desk with what's left of their unemployment checks.

Yesterday, the agent of such change took his marching orders from his advisor, Rahmsputin, and told us to expect the political equivalent of that cataclysm because he is contemplating using the "nuclear option" on us to change our society forever. And make no mistake, if the government expands it's control over us to include our medical decisions, there will be plenty of dead (and poor) people as a result.

The use of a revenue bill to skirt the rules of the Senate by using the nuclear option (sometimes referred to as "reconciliation" by politicians with a sense of humor) to overturn the wishes of even the bluest of states, Massachusetts, so he can pass step one of the socialization of health-care is just an updated version of what, as kids, we knew of as "MAD."

The "MAD" (mutual assured destruction) concept was used to inform the Soviets that if they sent an ICBM our way, we would destroy all of their country and people as they were doing the same to us. No winner.

The case is the same here, the Democrats will be dead politically, and we will just be, "plain old dead."


Anonymous said...

Good one Grank! Bill

Anonymous said...

Good one Grant. But have faith.
First of all, despite what the media wants us to believe, this thing will never pass. Second of all, if it did, the Democrats would be gonzo and those elected in their place will repeal the whole debacle.
It's all theater.

Grant Davies said...

I certainly hope you are correct on your first prediction. I am doing my part, such as it is, by writing about it so people don't become complacent again.

The Democrats may be gonzo in any case, but I would caution against thinking that the Republicans (who can always be relied upon to be almost as stupid as the Democrats) would,even if possible, repeal it.

I think it will be at least as difficult to undo as to pass in the first place. Do you think that the Democrats will not filibuster any attempt?

It will be an unbelievable mess and the economy will never get totally back on track with this BS hanging over its head.

It's theater as you say....kinda like an incredibly bad play.

Thanks for posting to my blog.