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One Last Attempt at Self Destruction

Not so long ago, I wrote a piece called The American Suicide Bombers. It referred to the political course of action that Pelosi, Reed and Obama were taking in an attempt to force their socialist takeover of our health-care down our throats (or up the opposite end of the anatomy) and what might happen to their political careers if they did.

To me it seems like a long time since frat boy Kennedy's Massachusetts senate seat switched from hard left to soft left. Way back then (a few weeks ago) everything seemed like it was crumbling for the "agents of change". And, it seemed for those of us who cringed at the prospect of losing our American way of life, perhaps a reprieve.

It might have been a political life line for Obama, etal. They could say, " hey we gave it our best and it didn't happen." It worked for the criminal conspiracy called the Clinton Administration, so why not?

 Obama has now decided to blur the Constitutional boundaries even more than usual, write his own health care legislation  based on the same insane model (of the people who are actually empowered to legislate) and attach it to a different bill entirely. That would make the threatened Senate filibuster a moot question.

The process is called "reconciliation", but it actually means suicide. If they do this to an already irritated populace, the polite little tea party demonstrations we have been witnessing may turn into a mammoth bar fight. "Some losses" by Democrats and liberal Republicans may very well end up as a political massacre.

The last act of a group of progressive jihadists might be fitting now that suicide seems back in vogue after a deranged IRS hater pulled a mini 9-11 in Texas. But this time the "reconciliation plane" is headed straight at us instead of a building full of tax collectors.

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