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A Bad Night for Canadians

Freedom and lost futures were not the only casualties in the Shame of 2010  which occured last night.

Pre-shame America used to be the "steam control" valve for the world, a destination where anyone with some savings or grit could flee to when escaping from other formerly great or never great countries. Post-Shame America will no longer be that destination.

Have you ever heard of an American citizen who purposely traveled to Canada to take advantage of their healthcare system? How about Great Britain?

Where will the Prime Minister of Newfoundland flee to for his heart surgery when Florida hospitals are no longer an option? Danny "Millions" will be out of luck.

Do we think that California hospitals will be the destination for female Canadian politicians who find their lives in mortal peril from breast cancer? This was recently demonstrated by the departure of Liberal MP Belinda Stronach from Canada to the US for surgery. She was the biggest proponent of the government single payer system of that country. Where will they go now?

The people who were the single greatest cause of the real estate implosion are now in charge of disassembling the health insurance companies and healthcare providers. They will be replaced by a government run system. No problem if you want a mail sorter operating on your heart and a political appointee telling you what your options are.

Shame on you America, Canadians deserve better.


Sara said...

Medical tourism - the next big thing!

Grant Davies said...

Certainly possible. It's ironic that the egalitarians will widen the gap between the haves and the have nots. Rich people (and politicians) will always have the means to flee.

Sara said...

Agreed. Good thing I'm doing the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover - although that probably won't be enough to cover whatever joint replacement I need when I'm 70...