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He Got His Wish

" No, no, no. Not “God Bless America”; God Damn America!"
Racist, hate America, marxist "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright celebrates today after his political protege, Barack Obama (and his comrades) succeeded in destroying the best healthcare system in the history of the world late Sunday night.

America was an experimental "operation" in freedom back in 1776. Last night, the patient died when the politicians empowered last election day voted against freedom.

Individual liberty and personal responsibility were murdered last night by a group of  progressive Dr. Mengeles and the fools who cheered them on.


Rest In Peace America


Wolfgang Sheehy said...

The fight has only just begun.

Grant Davies said...

Really? I hope you are right.

But in regards to the hearts and minds of a huge number of younger Americans, those who will be raising the next generation of smug little government dependents, the battle is over.

It has been said that we are always only one generation away from losing our freedom because the collective memory is short.

Many people are cheering this "victory" as if it were their favorite sports team. They are totally clueless as to what the ramifications of this event are going to be.

They are a short time away from getting a bitter lesson. For some it will be a personal lesson, their own children may pay the ultimate price for their arrogant ignorance.