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Interestingly Cursed

It's almost May. Six months remain before the elections. Even though it's been said so often by so many groups that it's almost a cliche, these may be the most important elections in the span of our lives.

As a person who has been involved his entire adult life in trying to promote civil society via individual liberty and personal responsibility, this particular election holds the answer for me to the question of what the people of this country want for their way of life.

As Dr. Walter Williams asks the question: "What is the proper role of government in a free society?" The answer to that question, whether or not we want to be free to succeed or fail, or whether we want to be cared for by a group of people who run the government has finally come up for a vote.

It's that basic, folks. And if the majority of the people want to be free, they will defeat incumbents in large numbers. If the politics of personality and group against group warfare win out, the die will be cast in an ominous way, in my opinion.

Some pundits look for a huge repudiation of those currently in power. Such a person can be viewed in the video found below. It was brought to my attention by my good friend Joe (as astute an observer of events and trends as one will find anywhere) who was kind enough to bring it to my attention, and now yours. An accompanying article can be found here and is also worth your time.

As an old Chinese curse has it, "May you live in interesting times." I for one, along with Joe and a great many others, former Democrats and Republicans alike, certainly are cursed, because we are just as certainly interested in the decisions our fellow citizens will make.

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